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November 25, 2012
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Our Dear Celestia by DigitalDasherBot Our Dear Celestia by DigitalDasherBot
I've been wanting to do this comic since the Season 2 finale, but things kept pushing it onto the back burner. I had hoped to finish it before season 3 started, but that just wasn't happening.

This comic takes place right after the Royal Wedding. I remember how floored we all were when our Alicorn-Sun-God went down. Then I started thinking about how SHE would
have felt about it. As usual, that led to lots of exposition.

I suppose this comic works as a bit of a companion piece to my Goodnight Luna comic, [link] but really it's made to stand on its own.

Now maybe I can go back to playing Guild Wars 2.

Edit: I've added the original script and thumbnails to my Scraps folder, [link] since it seemed like the kind of thing people might be interested in and it literally took me two minutes, so why not?

Edit edit: Youtube voiced version done by MindlessGonzo and IMShadow007! [link]
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the comic is great
just a question why is twilight floating in the last panel
DigitalDasherBot 6 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
She's jumping. A happy little hop.
I think she is in midjump.....

Or she has totally learned how to levitate herself
she could have
she knows how to teloport
anyway thanks
fanfics4ever Apr 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
and everyone thinks Celestia is just a troll...
Not everybody understands what it is to be a leader and a ruler.  Leaders don't stand on there own, they stand on top of a pyramid of others that carry out orders.  The hardest place to be a leader is in the military.  The reason some commanders are jerks and don't want to get to know anybody, is because they may have to give them an order KNOWING it will ultimately lead to their death.  And every time somebody dies under your command, you wonder what you could have done differently. Celestia's feelings, questions and inner turmoil are normal, and understandable. Therapists call it survivors guilt.  I'm just glad she could confide in Twilight, and have someone to support her.
"Dear Princess Celestia..." aaannnnnnd FAVED!

Seriously, that was brilliant and you, sir or madam, deserve a medal. And some chocolate.
Man, is she going to feel awful when she learns that King Sombra returned...
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